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Recognizing the importance of hygiene

Educating consumers on the many uses of Zonrox became the key to the brands success

Healthy and Hygiene

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Cleanliness goes beyond spotless surfaces and stain removal. What is dusted off, wiped down or swept may still give shelter to millions of germs that may threaten the health of families, especially children. Our children. The playful and curious little beings who get in contact with so many germ-filled surfaces […]

Green Cross Total Defense Encourages You to Do Good and Get Dirty There comes a time in one’s life when that rare opportunity to make a difference in the world manifests itself. Commonly referred to as an “awakening,” that moment often arrives without warning, seemingly testing one’s resolve to rise […]

It is back-to-school and our kids spend more time outside the house. Dirty surroundings have always been linked to dengue because it provides a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. What some moms may not know is that there are certain habits and activities that make kids more prone to mosquito […]

In recent weeks, our family has again become the target of a concerted media effort by Co It aka Gonzalo Co that included newspaper and Internet articles and even paid ads addressed to the President of our country where Gonzalo once again asserts ownership over Green Cross, Inc. and its […]

So that the public may know. We are Anthony Co, Peter Co and Mary Co-Cho. We are among the present owners of Green Cross, Inc. and brothers and sister of Co It aka Gonzalo Co. We write this not just for ourselves but also on behalf of our parents, Jesus Co Ay […]