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Every scent, every splash is reminiscent of life’s best experiences.

Go wherever the wind takes you. Breathe the best scent of adventure.  Love every experience.  Inspire everyone around you. Breathe inspiration in. Imagine all the amazing things waiting for you when you go places, create memories, and seize every opportunity. ScentShop by Lewis & Pearl is what inspiration smells like, so you can live the best life ever!


Get Inspired: ScentShop x Signatures
Lewis & Pearl ScentShop continues to share life’s best experiences with its all-time favorite scents. Get inspired to live the best life ever with the inspiring fragrances of Summer, Cool Fantasy, Dew Drops and Dream.
Be You: ScentShop x His & Hers
Adventure is in the air! Lewis & Pearl ScentShop’s adventure-inspired scents are perfect for guys and girls daring to have a great time. Possibilities await with every splash of Blue Navy, Rain and Ice Water.
Go Places: ScentShop x Travels
What’s next on your “places to visit” list? Splash on one of our destination-inspired scents and seek new adventures everyday. Breathe in a scent of adventure with Lewis & Pearl ScentShop’s New York Beats, Rock’n Rio and Sweet Paris.
Spray on Freshness: ScentShop x Fragrance Mists
Where can you find inspiration? Everywhere! Let inspiration fill the air with each spray of Lewis & Pearl ScentShop’s Fragrance Mist Collection in the inspiring scents of Wish, Princess and Cherry Blossom.
Our Collection
ScentShop by Lewis & Pearl is available in:
  • LP-4

  • LP-2

  • LP-3

  • LP-5