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Green Cross Total Defense Encourages You to Do Good and Get Dirty

Green Cross Total Defense Encourages You to Do Good and Get Dirty


There comes a time in one’s life when that rare opportunity to make a difference in the world manifests itself.

Commonly referred to as an “awakening,” that moment often arrives without warning, seemingly testing one’s resolve to rise to the occasion.  While most will be daunted by such a challenge, a handful will grab at the chance to secure for himself or herself a place in human history.

Recently, Green Cross Total Defense – the spray-on hand sanitizer that provides users with the longest lasting germ immunity – called on university students and young professionals, inviting them to “Do Good and Get Dirty.”

From among all those who will answer the call, nine extraordinary individuals will be selected. With the assistance of Rajah Travel Corporation, these chosen few will be sent to three destinations in the country – three participants per location – to accomplish an environmental mission.

As environmental advocates, some will lend a hand in mangrove reforestation efforts along the Underground River in Palawan.  Others will join hands with the local community in conducting coastal clean-ups along the area of Apo Reef Marine Sanctuary in Dumaguete, one of the Philippines’ biggest natural treasures.  Another group will have a hand in the reforestation of the Mt. Matutum National Reserve in Sarangani – lesser known, yet one of the more spectacular national parks in the Philippines, which is also home to the Philippine Eagle and to the Bony-fingered Tarsier.

To try out for a slot in the Do Good-Get Dirty Advocacy, one needs to present, in a 15-second video, a case as to why he / she should be one of those picked to go on this journey “to make a difference.”

The video must be uploaded to one’s Instagram account with the hashtag #dogoodgetdirty.  After which, he / she must sign up at

Try outs will end on October 3, 2014.

One’s defining moment awaits.  And the time to take that pivotal step could be now.