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Green Cross-Jesus Co Ay Tian Foundation is a non-stock, non-profit charitable foundation whose mission is to provide assistance to financially challenged students who have the desire and determination to finish their education. By helping the scholars finish their education, they would have higher chances of becoming gainfully employed and productive, this in turn, will enable them to uplift their lives as well those of their families’.


The Foundation started in 2003 with its pioneer batch of 24 collegiate scholars in various Metro Manila universities. Most of these students have graduated with honors and are now successful in their respective careers.

Soon after its first batch of graduates, the Foundation focused on helping students within Paranaque and Muntinlupa cities, these being the communities Green Cross belongs to.

The Foundation selects and supports students from the public high schools of Paranaque and Muntinlupa cities. Upon graduation from high school, the Foundation continues to support these scholars through their collegiate studies.

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