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For firm smart-looking clothes.

Glide Ironing Aid products are designed with you in mind – for the times that you do your ironing, and whenever you need to look your best with impressive-looking clothes.

Ironing can be a backbreaking chore. A spray of Glide products can make that better, with its heat-activated film that makes ironing faster and easier. Your iron simply glides over your clothes effortlessly.

Best of all, when you need to impress or just want to look your best, Glide leaves you with clothes that are crisp and wrinkle-free.

Glide Easy Iron
makes ironing faster and easier. By reducing ironing time, you save on electricity bills and get to spend more time on other important matters. It has a heat-activated Fabric Protect formula that leaves an invisible, protective film on clothes to prevent stains and dirt from being easily absorbed by fabrics.
Glide Starch Spray
has Pro-Form Active that provides form and body to fabrics, making your clothes firm, crisp, and smart-looking all day. It keeps clothes wrinkle-free for longer.
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