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Recognizing the importance of hygiene

Educating consumers on the many uses of Zonrox became the key to the brands success

Healthy and Hygiene

Personal Care
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Disinfect, clean, and leave surfaces spotless and protected from 99.9% of germs.

Everyone will feel at home when you do your cleaning with Greenex.  Greenex disinfects while you clean, leaving surfaces spotless and protected from 99.9% of germs.

We know how particular you can be when it comes to keeping your home clean.  Greenex All-Purpose Cleaners remove stains, dirt and household germs easily. This is perfect for the areas you need to clean on a daily basis, like toilets, kitchen floors and countertops, and kids’ areas.

Greenex All-Purpose Cleaner
with the Power of Bleach provides a powerful clean throughout your house. Best for disinfecting, whitening and stain removal. Available in Original, Lemon Power and Cool Menthol.
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