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lewis and pearl powder

Look great and feel fresh all day.

Confidence is key in enjoying life’s best moments. Make sure you always look great and feel fresh, so you can live inspired and take on your dreams.Lewis & Pearl Body and Face Powder sets you free with that fresh feeling all day. It has up to 8-hour oil control to keep shine at bay, is mildly scented for long-lasting freshness, and acts as a sunscreen to protect skin from the sun’s darkening UV rays.


Lewis & Pearl Powder in White Blush, Rose & Lily, and Jasmine Garden
come in light fragrances perfect for times you need to freshen-up.
Lewis & Pearl Powder in Rain and Chill
has sunscreen to help protect your skin from sun damage and darkening.
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Lewis & Pearl Powder is available in:
  • lp-3

  • lp-2