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Every scent, every splash is reminiscent of life’s best experiences.

Go wherever the wind takes you. Breathe the best scent of adventure.  Love every experience.  Inspire everyone around you. Breathe inspiration in. Imagine all the amazing things waiting for you when you go places, create memories, and seize every opportunity. ScentShop by Lewis & Pearl is what inspiration smells like, so you can live the best life ever!


Get a Headstart: Scent Shop x New Beginnings

Start your day right with these new and longer lasting scents from
Lewis & Pearl Scent Shop! Don’t be afraid to try new things with the refreshing fragrance of Rush, Candy Kiss, and Pink Passion.
Get Inspired: ScentShop x Signatures
Live out all the possibilities that life has to offer! Be inspired to turn dreams into reality with the inspiring fragrances of Cool Fantasy and Dream.
Be You: ScentShop x His & Hers
Whatever it may be, there is always something exciting waiting to happen for everyone! Never let those moments pass by! With Lewis & Pearl ScentShop’s Ice water, Rain and Blue Navy, girls and boys alike will surely never have a dull moment.
Go Places: ScentShop x Travels
Expand your horizon by going to places you ‘ve never been to before. The scent of adventure is never too far away with Lewis & Pearl ScentShop’s New York Beats and Sweet Paris.
Spray on Freshness: ScentShop X Fragrance Mists and Spray
Want to stay fresh while on the go? Spray on the refreshing scents of
Princess, Wish, Cherry Blossom, Rush, and Blue Navy! These long lasting
scents will surely make you feel confident anytime!
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