Green Cross Inc.

Recognizing the importance of hygiene

Educating consumers on the many uses of Zonrox became the key to the brands success

Healthy and Hygiene

Personal Care
Fabric and Homecare


It was in 1952 when Chinese immigrant Mr. Co Ay Tian founded the company.

Recognizing the importance of hygiene, the company manufactured Green Cross Rubbing Alcohol. Amidst the many difficulties then, hard work, and determination coupled with investing on the brand’s advertising, paved the way for Green Cross to becoming a household name.

Staying focused on hygiene and sanitation, the company later on introduced Zonrox Bleach. Educating consumers on the many uses of Zonrox became the key to the brand’s success. Soon after its infomercials, Zonrox also found its way into the homes of the Filipinos.

Today, the company has products healthily competing in the following categories:

HEALTH AND HYGIENE – Green Cross Alcohol, Green Cross Soap, Green Cross Sanitizing Gel, Green Cross Total Defense, Green Cross Insect Repellent Lotion

PERSONAL CARE– Lewis & Pearl ScentShop Cologne and Lewis & Pearl Face and Body Powder

FABRIC and HOMECARE – Zonrox Bleach, Zonrox Plus, Zonrox Colorsafe, Greenex All Purpose Cleaner, Del Fabric Softener, Glide Ironing Aid

With over 60 years of product excellence and commitment to the consumers, Green Cross Inc. looks forward to continue serving the needs of the consumers for many generations to come.



Company Vision

Better Households. Better Lives. For Generations.

Quality Policy

We, at Green Cross Inc., are committed to delight our customers and consumers by living out a Quality-In-All-We-Do philosophy across the organization.

We will apply this philosophy to further strengthen our Core Values of:

  • Integrity – as we deliver expected results with utmost honesty, honor and reliability.
  • Building Partnership – knowing that each of us, including all our stakeholders, can achieve more by working together towards fulfilling our individual and collective goals.
  • Excellence – that we consistently produce work of the highest standard of quality at all times and commit to constantly review and improve the way we do things.
  • Passion – that we enjoy what we do and understand why we are doing it and having the desire to give our best, at all times.